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At this site you will find some of the accesories that URACA offers for industrial and other cleaning applications: spray guns, floor cleaning instruments...
URACA accesories
Spray guns - SP and SL Series
URACA spray guns series SP and SL are designed for the maximum safety (electronic remote control) and handling (very light weighted). From 200 bar to 2800 bar, the perfect accesory for cleaning porpouses.
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Floor cleaner FL 260

Technical data
Nice and easy for hydrodynamic cleaning, removal of damaged surfaces, concrete cleaning, etc. It is able to work up to 2800 bar and 64 L/min.
Discover the advantages of high pressure hydrodemolition technology presented in this 4 wheel vehicle. High performance flexibility due to its 360º swivel-mounted and rotable cutting unit and fully programmable parameters.
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From AAP we can offer you a wider range of products depending on the application and parameters you are looking for. Please do not hesitate to ask us your needs, we will be very glad to help you.
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