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Heat exchangers cleaning can be included inside pipe cleaning. However, the nature of the sediments accumulated inside the bundles makes that the cleaning proccess has to be done with higher pressures, sometimes as high as 1000 bar for some applications. The advances in atomation have increased the security and efficiency of heat exchangers cleaning avoiding manual operation.
We can offer you any kind of unit or system for heat exchanger cleaning from manual to automatic: high pressure pump units, high pressure hoses, lances, nozzles, etc. And due to our collaboration with URACA we will always offer you high quality products.

Security above all
Manual heat exchangers cleaning could become a risk if the adequate measures are not taken. From AAP, in commitment with employers, we offer you all you need to assure security: foot valves, retaining devices for lances, protective clothes, etc.
Protective clothes

Retaining device
URACA pump units
The heart of a cleaning system is the pump unit. URACA, one of the most important high pressure pumps manufacturers, offers a huge range of high pressure units whose service parameters can be tailored according to the needs of each client. The following pumps are likely to be the most adequated for heat exchangers cleaning:
Unit RS 627 D

Unit EasyPower
P3-10 KD 716 KD 724 KD 725 KD 629
Pmax = 1000 bar
Qmax (125 bar) = 163 L/min
Qmax (530 bar) = 40 L/min
Qmax (1000 bar) = 20 L/min

Technical data
Pmax = 2800 bar
Qmax (140 bar) = 387 L/min
Qmax (1200 bar) = 40,5 L/min
Qmax (2800 bar) = 14,7 L/min

Technical data
Pmax = 2800 bar
Qmax (170 bar) = 548 L/min
Qmax (1200 bar) = 64 L/min
Qmax (2800 bar) = 22 L/min

Technical data
Pmax = 2800 bar
Qmax (225 bar) = 640 L/min
Qmax (1200 bar) = 115 L/min
Qmax (2800 bar) = 28,5 L/min

Technical data
Pmax = 1160 bar
Qmax (160 bar) = 2005 L/min
Qmax (560 bar) = 579 L/min
Qmax (1160 bar) = 266 L/min

Technical data

Don´t hesitate to make us know what service parameters you need for your cleaning. We will find the solution that better suits to your needs.

Automatic cleaning systems
Automation applied to high pressure cleaning operations allows a huge increase in efficiency, productivity, yield and security. URACA offers products from semi to fully atomatic cleaning systems.
URACA AutoJet FX 2/3


URACA AutoJet FX 2/3

URACA also has vehicles and devices for transporting and handling of heat exchangers.
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