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Hich pressure technology can also be found in the metal industry. AAP in close collaborarion with URACA has taken part in some projects for this industry in Spain from descaling to hydrodynamic lubrication. Examples are CELSA (Compañía Española de Laminación), CAF (Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles), Arcelor Mittal, etc. The most common applications of high pressure plunger pumps in the metal industry are:
New casting and production technologies are making it possible to cast and roll steel to the required thickness extremely effectively. High surface purity is essential during the rolling operation if high product quality is to be achieved. The scale that forms on the surface therefore has to be removed. The hydrodynamic descaling process at pressures of 120 – 400 bar is a reliable way to remove this scale and to guarantee the high quality required for further processing. Descaling recycle water is very demanding on both material and equipment design. URACA pumps have proved to be an ideal choice as pressure generators in this application area: they have a track record of long service lives in extreme conditions. In addition to individual pumps, URACA also supplies complete descaling systems – from the filter to the pressure generator and the nozzle beam. URACA is just as experienced in supplying you with new equipment as it is in modifying and retrofitting your existing descaling systems.
Press drives
Large extrusion or forging presses are driven hydraulically. In view of the different technological and design constraints, high-pressure plunger pumps are ideally used for this application. URACA pumps transport emulsions or clean water from the feed tanks to the high-pressure accumulators. When systems are being configured, close attention is paid to the problems posed by the need to avoid cavitation, erosion and vibration, so that long service lives can be reached with the pump equipment.
MORGOIL roller journal bearings
MORGOIL roller journal bearings are self-contained plain bearings. They are used to support loadbearing rollers in rolling mills producing either steel or non-ferrous metals. These roller journal bearings are constantly subjected to the effects of large rolling forces at high and low speeds, heat, dirt, scale and roller cooling agents. The design and method of operation of the bearings are based on the principles of hydrodynamic lubrication. Advantage is taken of the high loadbearing capacity of an uninterrupted film of oil that makes sure there is no metal to metal contact between the surfaces of the bearings. An oil circulation system is responsible for the hydrodynamic lubrication. Rolling mills with MORGOIL roller journal bearings also have to cope with high stresses in critical speed ranges requiring a hydrostatic lubrication system in addition to the hydrodynamic system. A URACA high-pressure plunger pump maintains the balance needed in accordance with the relevant strain on the bearings when the rollers are operating at low speed or have stopped. Depending on the application concerned, the pump can reach pressures of up to 1450 bar. The outstanding features of URACA pumps are reliability and sturdiness.
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