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Special rotative cleaning heads supplied by high pressure piston pumps applied to vessel and tank cleaning allow a huge increase in the yield and quality of the cleaning operation. It also increases the safety of employers avoiding manual operations. AAP distributes quality URACA and Bolondi cleaning heads for any kind of cleaning services.
URACA cleaning heads
Besides of being one of the greatest piston pumps manufacturers, URACA, always in commitment with high pressure cleaning, also presents first quality rotative cleaning heads.

TWK series

TWK cleaning heads are formed by 6 different families of heads depending on the application, flow rate and pressure. The incredible robustness of these cleaning heads allows working with pressures as high as 1600 bar and flow rates as high as 600 L/min. ¡Maximum efficiency guaranteed!

Technical data

RWK series

Specially designed for internal pipe and vessel cleaning of diameter higher than 120 mm. It allows pressures up to 700 bar and flow rates up to 100 L/min. Stainless steel fully constructed.

Technical data

Productivity, yield and efficiency of the cleaning operation can be increased using automated systems as positioning devices, reel systems, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about automatic systems.

BOLONDI cleaning heads

Perfectly price/quality balanced cleaning heads for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry as well as tank and vessel cleaning in the car industry.

FV Series

FV series is avaible in 2 models: FV020 and FV025. One of the best solutions for cleaning medium to large containers. It is able to work at 400 bar and 200 L/min (FV020). Nevertheless they are not recommended for the food industry due to their lubrication mechanism.

FV 020  -  FV 025

RW Series

Perfect for the food industry, without any kind of contamination by lubrication oils and greases. It is avaible in a wide range of versions up to 200 bar.

RW 030 A  -  RW 086 A  -  RW 186 A  -  RW 200 A  -  RW 220 A  -  RW 240 A

SW series

The economical solution when a 360º cleaning is not required. It leaves 120º without being cleaned so the saving is higher. Up to 200 bar and 60 L/min.

SW 049 A  -  SW 060 A  -  SW 060 WK.C  -  SW 060 WK.L

XB series

Spherical shape cleaning head desgined for small containers. Up to 200 bar and 60 L/min. Also avaible with electric an pneumatic engines.

XB 030 A  -  XB 030 E  -  XB 030 P  -  XB 060 A  -  XB 060 E  -  XB 060 P

XC series

XC 020 cleaning head has been designed for barrel cleaning while it also performs draining operations. Up tp 400 bar and 60 L/min.

XC 020  -  XC 060 A  -  XC 060 E  -  XC 060 P

PW Series

Ideal for bodywork cleaning of any kind o vehicle. Up to 200 bar and 60 L/min.

PW 060 A  -  PW 063 A

MW Series

Robust cleaning heads able to work up to 500 bar and 60 L/min with a 700 microns strainer built-in.

MW 586 A

RC Series

Cleaning heads for small to medium containers from 57 mm diameter. Up tp 200 bar and 30 L/min.

RC 031 E  -  RC 031 P

Serie Roty

Cleaning head desgined for small containers minimum 40 mm of opening. Up tp 150 bar and 18 L/min.

Roty 018

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