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The company Aplicaciones en Alta Presión S.L. (High Pressure Applications, S.L.) was created in November 1999 with the aim of designing units and accessories to seize the maximum power to high pressure water as a powerful tool mainly focused on two great fields of application:

Fire extinction

The reason of choosing these two different fields is the experience (between 20-30 years) accumulated by our staff and, by the other hand, try to fill the lack of "client tailored units".

Our working policy covers the following fields:

Study of the clients needs
Product design
Product fabrication
Installation and set up if required
After-sales service

Moreover, we represent URACA in Spain. URACA is one of the world leaders in high pressure plunger pumps and cleaning and industrial accesories related to high pressure pumped fluids. We are in charge of both sales and after-sales services of URACA in Spain. We are also distributors of Bolondi, leaders in cleaning heads, in Spain.
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